Corporate Responsibility

Building Community Connections: Why CSR is Important

February 20, 2020

My corporate leadership experience allows me many opportunities for which I am endlessly grateful. Among these is the chance to network and collaborate with numerous prestigious organizations and individuals at every level.

In addition to high-profile, powerful corporate executives, I am fortunate to work with up-and-coming leaders as part of the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Program. Through this commitment, I am able to periodically mentor students who are developing their own successful business with annual profits totaling over $50 million.

When I begin a relationship with a new leader at any level, I, almost instinctively, ask them the following question: What are you doing in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

I certainly understand the occasional blank stare and silence. After all, we all must begin somewhere.

Creating Connection

It may be helpful to first define Corporate Social Responsibility. Please keep in mind, this can be up for interpretation, as every person and every company is unique in the way we understand the world and interpret our role in it. I define CSR in another article.

For my purposes here, I am exploring CSR as the notion that we have a deep and profound responsibility to build and showcase brand values that cultivate trust and boost morale in our people, our communities, and our world. It means dedicating some of our time, resources, and yes, even our pocketbooks to paying it forward.

There are many out there like myself, who have risen from having very little to achieving a life we once could only imagine. And indeed, there are others who have rarely hurt for the means to succeed. Regardless of where we come from, we must hold ourselves accountable to making a difference and assisting others who are embracing their own journey. We must commit to having a positive footprint on the world. And, we must understand that, in the end, our personal and professional legacy is defined by who we are and what we do for others.

Let’s go back, for a moment, to my support of the emerging leaders at the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Program. My ability to connect and collaborate with these individuals I mentor is what I believe to be an integral part of my own sense of Corporate Social Responsibility.

In my career, I have been fortunate to come upon opportunities where my hard work has paid off. It is my wish to nurture bonds with growing leaders to reach their own success by extending the same support and connection I have received throughout my own journey. My hope for these dedicated, soon-to-be leaders is that they, in turn, will also do their part to build bonds with new business leaders and with the world around them.

How Plexus Raises the Bar

I believe in the power of intention and envisioning the future. What you dream up and set your sights on will become a reality … If you are willing to put in the work, that is.

At Plexus, we are committed to paying our success forward through initiatives like Nourish One®. This program was launched in June 2018 and supports children and families in need by donating a portion of sales from one of our products, Plexus Lean™.

Moreover, efforts like Nourish One cultivate CSR and draw in like-minded people who are proud to be a part of a company that values the community. These initiatives create a sense of meaning, purpose, and loyalty within the company, its employees, and its consumers beyond simple product consumption.

My Challenge to You

I strongly believe that CSR should be practiced by every company at every level. Even new and growing companies can contribute in ways that will make an impact. And for those companies that have moved beyond the initial start-up phase, I invite them to actively give back and foster worthwhile, long-lasting bonds among their people and their community.

We are among countless inspirational, innovative, and extraordinary people and the numerous respectable organizations of which they are a part. I challenge my fellow leaders to join this mission and embrace their own Corporate Social Responsibility endeavors. Imagine what we can all achieve together.

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