Corporate Responsibility

A Meaningful Connection to the Community

February 20, 2020

A profound indicator of a company’s impact is the connection it creates within its community. This concept of “community” may represent a more literal community, or perhaps it may be reflective of a company’s members, consumers, and other partners who support its overall mission.

In this day and age, we see an increasing number of companies who seek to create a meaningful connection to their communities through purposeful actions such as embracing philanthropic efforts or building an environment that fosters an exceptional culture. Some of these actions may be simple; others more notable. But, each can have a significant impact within its community.


The notion of contribution is becoming equally as important as profitability, perhaps even more so. Often, a company’s success and long-term legacy evolves from what it contributes to its employees, customers, and even the world at large.

From the beginning, Plexus has committed to making a real and lasting impact in the lives of our One Plexus family and our communities, both locally and internationally. In the early days, our Ambassadors, Customers, and employees gave back through volunteering their time, collecting donations to give, and contributing financially to organizations about which they care.

As our company has grown, so have our philanthropic efforts. In 2018, we launched Plexus Charities®, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to further spreading the Plexus vision to spread health, happiness, and heart. To set this exciting, new venture in motion, we established the Nourish One® Initiative. With Nourish One, for every serving of our Plexus Lean™ purchased, Plexus, through Plexus Charities, donates a meal to our partner organizations, Feeding America in the U.S. and Mary’s Meals internationally.

Learn more about Nourish One here.


At Plexus, we are all a part of something bigger than ourselves. Our corporate leadership is dedicated to helping employees build an emotional connection to our work at One Plexus. This connection stems from a belief in the bigger picture, the proud legacy we are all seeking to create together.

It all starts with the belief that everything we do impacts our Ambassadors and Customers. This could be a seemingly simple task, such as designing an appealing label for one of our life-changing products, efficiently hand-packing a box of Plexus Lean, creating an engaging post to support our social media community, or developing a useful training resource that makes it easier to share our products and opportunity.

These seemingly routine tasks have the power to make a substantial impact. By supporting our customers and Ambassadors with care and excellence, we create a difference in someone’s life. We need all the little pieces to make that happen.

Ultimately, building a bond within our community comes down to helping the culture you’re involved with understand their contribution. By supporting those who work alongside us, we further influence our combined commitment to our greater goal. It is important to show each of our company’s members that their role is significant and their individual success matters. From our Ambassadors and our Customers to our employees and partners, I am proud to say that the Plexus company culture will forever be strong, innovative, fun, and of course, continuously rooted in our remarkable core values.

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